Cancer – Do we know the truth?

Do we need operations? Do we need to have Chemotherapy? I am not here to tell you yes or no, that is a decision we all have to make for ourselves. What I do now is that there are other ways of dealing with Cancer and I feel it is up to us all to ensure that we are well informed should we ever have to make this type of decision.

I am also concerned about the amount of money that goes into Cancer Research with no sign of Cancer being on the downturn, only on the increase.

There are safe and effective cures for cancer that have been known for many years, but are being hidden, discredited and opposed by those that are seen as the authorities on the subject.

Cancer is an epidemic that is showing no signs of slowing down. Several members of my family have been afflicted with cancer – it is present in our lives and the prevention and cure is known but is being kept away from public knowledge because there is too much profit in the lies.

My husband’s grandmother lived with breast cancer for about ten years before she passed away at the age of 77. She never had any treatment.

I have one sister who had breast cancer and lung cancer; I am pleased to say that although she had operations for both of these she never had any Chemotherapy. Although she has now passed on I am convinced that no Chemo was her saviour as she lived for 13 years after her first Cancer operation, and many others that I know who had the same operation and Chemotherapy only lived for about five years.

Another of my sisters was diagnosed a few years back with Cancer of the Oesophagus she also had treatment but no Chemotherapy. When this sister phoned me to give me this news, it was fortunate that Phillip Day (Credence Publications) was doing a speaking tour in her area, so I suggested that she go along and hears what he had to say on this subject of Cancer.

Having two sisters who both have had Cancer, it makes me wonder about myself and therefore I am doing all in my power to ensure that I do not fall into this category.

I have heard Phillip Day speak on numerous occasions, both here in New Zealand and in Australia.

I have also read many of Phillips books and have found them to be most informative. Being an IBS sufferer I found Phillips book, “Food for Thought” an extremely good book to have, this is also the book that my sister with the Oesophagus Cancer used although she read many others as well. Unfortunately this sister too has passed over, they went within two months of each other, and depending how you view these things, I felt that they wanted to keep each other company, but this is just the way I see things.

I am not going to say too much more on this subject as I feel that it is something you must research for yourself; logging on to Phillip Days’s site or reading some of the books he has written will give you I am sure lots of “Food for Thought”


Coconut Oil Benefits

Monkey Face

Not a nice thing to call any one unless of course you are talking to a monkey, however in this case I refer to what was once a much maligned source of food to the humble coconut. As I understand it the Spaniards named it coco which means monkey face.

No matter what it is called coconut oil has been given a bad reputation as a source of artery clogging cholesterol. This came about at a time when scientists were testing foods for cholesterol and they labelled coconuts with all the other high cholesterol foods, overlooking some significant points.

The difference is in the fatty acids which are long chain, short chain and medium chain fatty acids and the fatty acids normally consumed are mostly long chain fatty acids. Coconuts are mainly medium chain fatty acids. Also research now tells us that cholesterol is not the enemy we once believed. Continue reading “Coconut Oil Benefits”