Warm Start to a Cold Day, that would be Porridge

Tool;s for cooking

Spoon and spurtle

These last few days New Zealanders have been feeling the first bite of winter, and taking it bad having been spoiled all these long summer months of 25 plus temperatures. Being used to coming out if the shower and getting into shorts and Tee Shirt, lately its been a quick trip back to the bedroom for an additional sweatshirt and joggers.

This now a time for a warm breakfast of toast, bacon and eggs with a cup of hot tea, but hey, I am a Scotsman I was reared on Porridge, the food of the gods, and you can’t get better, as long as it’s made right.

Porridge or Bacon and eggs

I suppose being a Scotsman I’m a snob when it comes to porridge. Really its a simple meal as long as you remember one simple rule. You never, never ever; put sugar on your porridge, it total ruins the flavour. And it makes you fat.

How to make porridge the Scottish way:.

In a pot put half a cup of porridge oats, (rolled oats, steel cut oats or oat meal), add a cup of water ¼ tea spoon of salt (Himalayan salt or sea salt) is preferable to table salt.

Bring to the boil stirring all the time with a spurtle or a second choice would be a wooden spoon, the oats will absorb all the water. Now the test, stand you spurtle/wooden spoon vertical in the centre of the pot, take your hand away and if the spurtle/wooden spoon remains standing, your porridge is ready, put some on your plate, add a wee drop of milk and maybe an extra pinch of salt, sit down at the table and enjoy. Life doesn’t get any better than that, unless of course you go back for a second plate.


Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Photo of lady suffering heartburn.
Trying to look as if I don’t have a problem.


Have you ever suffered from heartburn or even acid reflux? It is not really a very pleasant experience I can assure you as I have suffered from this in the past. Not so much these days though I am happy to say, but occasionally depending on what I have had to eat it does still raise it’s ugly head.

I do have to say though that it is not something that I have given much thought to over the years until this article from GreenMedInfo popped into my mail box this morning.

I do remember when I was much younger and during my pregnancies, I suffered quite badly and my mother’s remedies were always the best, I was never one to take any Antacid products, always headed down the natural way.

By the natural way I mean, ginger or peppermint tea or some charcoal or even a small amount of Bicarbonate of soda in some water.

As I said above, I have not given this very much thought recently, but after reading these articles this morning I do also realise that since I have been Gluten Free that indeed the heartburn challenge certainly has not been as prevalent as it used to be.

I would suggest to anyone reading this post that they click on the links I have supplied and read what has been said by other more knowledgable people than me.

Please also remember I am only commenting here on my own experiences due to my own health challenges.


Gluten Free Diet Is it for Everyone?

Fruit bowl and smoothie

These are Gluten Free

As I have mentioned before on this site, I am Gluten Free, not by choice but by necessity. It does concern me that many people are going on a Gluten Free diet for all of the wrong reasons.

Some people are using the Gluten Free diet to lose weight, this is not the way to go, if you wish to lose weight, look at your overall diet not just at one part of it (bread,cakes, muffins etc.)

Now I am not saying don’t cut down on the Gluten as I know of many people who although not “Allergic” to Gluten, do find that when they restrict the intake of “Gluten Foods” that they feel better in general.

A healthy diet will include eating whole grains like brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, and oats (marked gluten free). I have to say though that personally I have never managed to find gluten free oats, but I have learnt to live without my porridge (being a Scot this was a bit difficult) I do though make a good buckwheat porridge see my book.

I received a very good link to my mail box this morning and I would suggest that you have a look, as it is not a case of “one size fit’s all” we are all different but we should all be looking after our health in whatever way suits. Listen to your body, it does tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t.


       A Gluten Free Diet

Coconut Oil Benefits

CoconutHello to all my followers, so sorry I have been a bit neglectful of this site but one thing and another has just taken me away.

I don’t know how many of you realise the powerful benefits of Coconuts. I remember as a child just after the war that we would get a bit of a treat by having a coconut and being able to drink the milk, then smash it open and eat the lovely flesh from the inside.

Now as I say, when I was a child in Scotland, a coconut was a luxury, we would to try and win one from the Coconut Shy at the fairground (this was not always that easy) and then we would share it round all of our friends.

In some parts of the world, particularly the South Pacific, the coconut is a dietary staple that people have thrived on for many generations.

As a child I did not really think about the benefits of a coconut or coconut oil benefits for that matter, it was just that I liked the taste and I still do.

 10 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Now as an adult I am very much more aware of the benefits of eating coconut, using coconut oil for cooking and also using it as a skin moisturiser.

Just this morning I received into my mail box the following article The Coconut Oil Miracle so I decided that it was time that I shared this information with all of you. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


Strawberries 8 Reasons to Eat Them

Strawberries, do you grow your own or purchase them at the store?

Just this morning I was out in the garden watering the Strawberries before the sun came on to them. I have always grown strawberries in my garden and loved being able to go out daily and pick them fresh.

As we all know,(or should know) fresh is best and it is always best to eat fruit and vegetable in season if you can.

The beauty of growing your own is that you know exactly what has gone into the ground for them to grow in, and that they have not been sprayed with any harmful chemicals.

The person at Palmers says that Strawberries can still be planted now for a summer harvest and work well planted in hanging baskets, and to make sure you have enough for everyone to enjoy, they recommend at least five plants per person in the household.

In my previous home, I used to have my Strawberries in a big tub, this way they would hang over the side and not get all messed up on the ground. If you are planting on the ground, it is advisable to lay straw under your plants to make it easier for picking and keeping your fruit clean. (My young grandson informed me that is why they are called Strawberries, he says they are berries and you put straw under them) We always got a good harvest from them, enough to keep us supplied in fresh Strawberries on a daily basis, our biggest challenge was getting them before the birds or the grandchildren.

My daughter-in-law has just recently put her plants into a length of guttering pipe which has been attached to the fence at the back of her vegetable patch, this way her plants will hang down as they grow, I think she picked up the idea from a post on Pinterest.

Strawberry plants

Strawberry growing

You are now thinking after reading this blog to here, that I have not mentioned the eight reasons for eating Strawberries yet, well when I opened my e-mails this morning the first email I saw was from GreenMedInfo with the title 8 Juicy Reasons to Eat More Strawberries now after reading this I was prompted to write this blog but as I have no intention of re-inventing the wheel I will leave you to read the eight reasons from the above link.

I will be honest though and tell you that although I have always loved Strawberries and knew that they were good for me, I did not know just how good.

Enjoy the read and enjoy your Strawberries when it is the season to eat them.


Cholesterol – Medicate or not?


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One of the first things I saw in my Facebook page this morning was a post from Credence, it was an article about Cholesterol lowering drugs, the possibility of statins being given to “Millions of healthy Britons” as a preventative to anyone who may have a risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke … Continue reading

Gluten Sensitivity A Myth

Cropped chocolate cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

This morning when I opened my inbox to read my emails, this article was one of the first things I read it came from GreenMedInfo and has a title of:

The Mainstream Media Declares: Gluten Sensitivity A Myth — Who Cares?

I sat and read this article and I must say got a wee bit annoyed at the Mainstream Media who are knocking the need for Gluten avoidance.

‘Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity’ 

I am one of those people who many years ago had many tests for what ails me. I was never diagnosed as a Celiac but was diagnosed as having a gluten sensitivity or allergy, whatever you may like to call it.This is now being called ‘Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity’  Personally I do not care what it is called, I just wish that those who do not have this “Sensitivity” would stop knocking those of us who do.

Gluten free diet:

I have been been on a “Gluten Free” diet since the year 2000 and have had symptoms of Gluten Intolerance for many years before that. Even though I stick strictly to my diet I still have times when I am rather unwell, this is probably due to some items having Gluten in that has not been declared on the packaging. I feel that all food items should be labelled with all ingredients as this would help people like me to have less of a problem with hidden “Gluten” I do not agree with those who go on a gluten Free diet as a whim just because it is fashionable, but please leave the people alone who really do need to avoid Gluten.

Gluten Free Cooking with Granny Kate

Honey, Ginger and Superbugs

Honey & GingerI was just ten minutes ago reading an article in GreenMedInfo about the power of Honey and Ginger beating antibiotics in the war against the SuperBugs.

I found this article intriguing as when I was a small child and a chronic asthmatic, when I was having an attack, the first thing my mother would reach for was the jar of honey.

It never fails to amaze me that the world today feels that the only way to cure anything is by drugs, now I mean the drugs that are dished out by the medical profession for the slightest little thing.

As many of you will know, even when someone visits the doctor for a viral problem as sure as apples they will be given an antibiotic. I have even known doctors to prescribe an antibiotic for the common cold. I have come across families who when taking a child to see their local GP have been informed “oh it is a viral thing, but I will give you an antibiotic anyway even though it is useless on viral” Now is it just me or is this pure stupidity?

One of my own children had a challenge with Adenoids when he was very young, they were infected so he had lots of antibiotics, he then became immune to the antibiotics due to the number of times our doctor had prescribed this treatment for him.

I must also add that this was before “The Superbug” was ever heard of and “Antibiotics” were in their infancy.

I have to be honest and say that as a young mother I just accepted the treatment the doctor was giving, but looking back on this situation now, I wish I had been more aware of what the antibiotics were actually doing. (hindsight and knowledge is a wonderful thing)

I was 36 thousand miles away from my mother at this time, so did not have her wise counsel to assist me. I am sure that if she had been near me she would have been able to suggest some of the old more traditional cure.

The benefits of Ginger are many, and I would advocate using fresh Ginger rather then powder, as fresh is always best no matter what the item is. The article I was reading was by Case Adams who is a Naturopath and I really do feel that we need to look to Nature more for our cures rather than synthetic drugs.

The photograph on this blog is a Honey that we have been using for some time now which has ginger in, it has a great taste I must say, and anyone who has a cough or a sore throat can easily have a hot drink made with this.

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