Cholesterol – Medicate or not?


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One of the first things I saw in my Facebook page this morning was a post from Credence, it was an article about Cholesterol lowering drugs, the possibility of statins being given to “Millions of healthy Britons” as a preventative to anyone who may have a risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke … Continue reading

Gluten Sensitivity A Myth

Cropped chocolate cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

This morning when I opened my inbox to read my emails, this article was one of the first things I read it came from GreenMedInfo and has a title of:

The Mainstream Media Declares: Gluten Sensitivity A Myth — Who Cares?

I sat and read this article and I must say got a wee bit annoyed at the Mainstream Media who are knocking the need for Gluten avoidance.

‘Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity’ 

I am one of those people who many years ago had many tests for what ails me. I was never diagnosed as a Celiac but was diagnosed as having a gluten sensitivity or allergy, whatever you may like to call it.This is now being called ‘Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity’  Personally I do not care what it is called, I just wish that those who do not have this “Sensitivity” would stop knocking those of us who do.

Gluten free diet:

I have been been on a “Gluten Free” diet since the year 2000 and have had symptoms of Gluten Intolerance for many years before that. Even though I stick strictly to my diet I still have times when I am rather unwell, this is probably due to some items having Gluten in that has not been declared on the packaging. I feel that all food items should be labelled with all ingredients as this would help people like me to have less of a problem with hidden “Gluten” I do not agree with those who go on a gluten Free diet as a whim just because it is fashionable, but please leave the people alone who really do need to avoid Gluten.

Gluten Free Cooking with Granny Kate

Honey, Ginger and Superbugs

Honey & GingerI was just ten minutes ago reading an article in GreenMedInfo about the power of Honey and Ginger beating antibiotics in the war against the SuperBugs.

I found this article intriguing as when I was a small child and a chronic asthmatic, when I was having an attack, the first thing my mother would reach for was the jar of honey.

It never fails to amaze me that the world today feels that the only way to cure anything is by drugs, now I mean the drugs that are dished out by the medical profession for the slightest little thing.

As many of you will know, even when someone visits the doctor for a viral problem as sure as apples they will be given an antibiotic. I have even known doctors to prescribe an antibiotic for the common cold. I have come across families who when taking a child to see their local GP have been informed “oh it is a viral thing, but I will give you an antibiotic anyway even though it is useless on viral” Now is it just me or is this pure stupidity?

One of my own children had a challenge with Adenoids when he was very young, they were infected so he had lots of antibiotics, he then became immune to the antibiotics due to the number of times our doctor had prescribed this treatment for him.

I must also add that this was before “The Superbug” was ever heard of and “Antibiotics” were in their infancy.

I have to be honest and say that as a young mother I just accepted the treatment the doctor was giving, but looking back on this situation now, I wish I had been more aware of what the antibiotics were actually doing. (hindsight and knowledge is a wonderful thing)

I was 36 thousand miles away from my mother at this time, so did not have her wise counsel to assist me. I am sure that if she had been near me she would have been able to suggest some of the old more traditional cure.

The benefits of Ginger are many, and I would advocate using fresh Ginger rather then powder, as fresh is always best no matter what the item is. The article I was reading was by Case Adams who is a Naturopath and I really do feel that we need to look to Nature more for our cures rather than synthetic drugs.

The photograph on this blog is a Honey that we have been using for some time now which has ginger in, it has a great taste I must say, and anyone who has a cough or a sore throat can easily have a hot drink made with this.

Mineral Deficiency Is this You?


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Do any of the following apply to you? Many people nowadays are taking a multi-vitamin supplement, do you? I ask this question as although you may be taking a multi-vitamin you may still be missing one vital ingredient which is minerals. Therefore you may be suffering from a Mineral Deficiency. … Continue reading

Harmful Chemicals in Every Day Products


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Tweet Harmful Chemicals: Do you know which harmful chemical is used in all of these products? Skin care Tobacco Pharmaceutical medications Anti-bacterial lotions Photographic chemicals Deodorant sticks Toothpaste Shampoo Hair Care Cakes Ice cream Anti-freeze The answer is Propylene Glycol which is a Harmful Chemical. You may never have heard of it, … Continue reading

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